(1) A casino night must be conducted in accordance with Title 23, chapter 5, part 7, MCA, department rules, and the following requirements:

(a) The casino night permit issued by the department must be posted and clearly visible to persons participating in the casino night.

(b) Only those types of gambling activities for which the permit was issued may be conducted during the casino night.

(c) The casino night may be conducted only at the location for which the permit was issued and by the nonprofit organization issued the permit.

(d) Before conducting a casino night, the nonprofit organization shall develop rules governing the type of gambling activities to be conducted during the casino night and the manner in which they are to be conducted. The rules must identify the amount of the entry fee, value assigned to the imitation money and amount distributed to each participant, and the method for awarding prizes.

(e) Imitation money may be issued only during the casino night, and the money may not be redeemed by the permittee after the casino night has ended.

(f) No cash, currency, or other form of consideration may be used during the casino night except for imitation money as provided for in the casino night house rules.

(g) Cash or merchandise may be awarded as prizes. The value of the merchandise is not restricted to the prize limitations provided for in 23-5-312, 23-5-412, or 23-5-413, MCA.

(h) A prize may not be awarded in connection with the casino night to a person who was not present at the event and personally made the wager or personally obtained the ticket or chance resulting in the award payment.

(i) A person under age 18 may not assist in operating or managing a casino night or participate as a player in any casino night activity, except for a raffle.

(j) No card game tournament may be part of a casino night.

(k) The organization issued the permit and the person identified as the manager of the casino night is responsible for ensuring compliance with Title 23, chapter 5, part 7, MCA, and department rules.

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