(1) The department will:

(a) Administer a clean plant and indexing certification program;

(b) Determine eligibility criteria for plants, plant and propagative materials for inclusion in the program;

(c) Identify eligibility of plant materials requested for inclusion in a clean plant and indexing certification program; confer certification upon those meeting the requirements and conditions of the clean plant certification and indexing program; and determine appropriate certification level(s);

(d) Approve registration and identity system of plants, plant and propagative materials of a clean plant and indexing program;

(e) Identify the viruses and diseases of regulatory, quarantine, and export significance and those specified as a concern by a buyer or exporter for the plants, plant materials, and propagative material requested for clean plant and indexing certification;

(f) Research and identify the International Standards for Pest Management (ISPM), Regional Standards for Pest Management (RSPM), and other applicable standards governing or guiding the viruses and diseases and their associated vectors and the propagation, development, and indexing of clean, disease-free plant and propagative plant material standards. Standards will outline the essential elements of a voluntary certification program for management of viruses, diseases, and their vectors, achieved through a combination of best management of practices and mandatory requirements;

(g) Review and approve written clean plant and indexing certification plans;

(h) Develop written inspection, audit, sampling and testing plans;

(i) Conduct audits and inspections necessary to assess compliance with standards and written clean plant and indexing certification plans. Inspections will be scheduled at the discretion of the department and at such times when specific disease symptoms are most likely to be expressed;

(j) Address compliance violations identified by the certified individual or entity or by the department based on inspection, audit, or test results. Unresolved compliance violations within the specified time frame will be cause for certification revocation, suspension, or cancellation; and

(k) Certify and provide certification identification materials.

History: 80-7-122, 80-7-402, MCA; IMP, 80-7-122, 80-7-402, MCA; NEW, 2014 MAR p. 206, Eff. 1/31/14.