(1) Clean plant and indexing certification plans must include, at a minimum, the following elements:

(a) Identification and quantification of all plant materials eligible for registration and certification;

(b) Origin or source of identified plant materials;

(c) Viruses, diseases, and associated vectors of concern;

(d) Site selection that includes a description and map of all facilities, propagative and production areas along with required isolation and buffer zones;

(e) Certification levels and identity registration system allowing

for identification, tracking, tracing, and management of all plant and plant material identity;

(f) Program processes and procedures governing the establishment and management of plants and plant propagative materials including but not limited to sourcing, planting requirements, block management, increases, and maintenance;

(g) Pest management plan that prevents virus, disease, and associated vector introduction and which contains procedures for eradication, control, and suppression of pest populations to a level that meets certification standards. Major revisions of plans must be submitted for approval by the certifying agency;

(h) Identify approved laboratory(ies) for required tests and analysis and the testing and analysis schedule; and

(i) Other elements that are necessary to meet the specific type and level of certification requested or that are deemed necessary by the department.

History: 80-7-122, 80-7-402, MCA; IMP, 80-7-122, 80-7-402, MCA; NEW, 2014 MAR p. 206, Eff. 1/31/14.