(1) A transporter shall submit to the department for its review and approval, a management plan meeting the requirements of this subchapter that:

(a) describes the type, sources, and annual volume of infectious waste handled;

(b) describes how infectious waste is segregated from other solid waste, packaging, and labeling procedures;

(c) describes the collection, storage, and transportation procedures to ensure infectious waste is distinguished from noninfectious waste;

(d) describes the treatment or disposal methods used;

(e) identifies the name and location of the facility where the waste will be treated and disposed of;

(f) identifies the person responsible for the transportation and management of infectious waste; and

(g) includes an emergency spill response and decontamination plan that meets the requirements of ARM 17.50.1508.

(2) The management plan described in (1) must be updated and submitted to the department on an annual basis.

History: 75-10-208, MCA; IMP, 75-10-1004, 75-10-1005, MCA; NEW, 2013 MAR p. 1825, Eff. 10/18/13