(1) An employee shall submit time records after the close of each biweekly pay period and in the manner prescribed by the employing agency.

(2) An employee shall submit claims for reimbursement of travel and relocation expenses in the manner and within timelines prescribed by the agency, but no later than three months after incurring the expense. The employee shall attach all necessary receipts and documentation to the claim. In accordance with the Employee Travel Policy found at https://montana.policytech.com/docview/?docid=154&public=true under the travel category, an employee who fails to turn in travel and relocation claims within three months of incurring the expense waives the right to reimbursement. The agency shall process all employee travel and relocation reimbursement claims through the state's central payroll system.

(3) If an employee fails to submit a time record as required in this rule, the employee's supervisor shall submit a time record based on the supervisor's knowledge of hours worked, including overtime or compensatory time, and leave used. The employee is responsible for documenting and notifying the agency of any necessary corrections after the fact.

(4) If an employee fails to submit time records and travel claims as provided in this rule, the employee is subject to disciplinary action as provided in the Discipline Handling Policy, ARM 2.21.6505 et seq.

History: 2-18-401, MCA; IMP, 2-18-405, MCA; NEW, 1997 MAR p. 2278, Eff. 12/16/97; AMD, 2013 MAR p. 2233, Eff. 11/28/13