(1) An active PERS member on July 1, 2005 is eligible to become a member of the SRS, and an employee hired by a sheriff after July 1, 2005 must become a member of the SRS, pursuant to Title 19, chapter 7, part 3, MCA, if the member or employee meets the definition of "detention officer" in 19-7-101(2), MCA, which includes:

(a) being employed in a detention center, a juvenile detention center, a temporary detention center, or a detention facility;

(b) having authority and responsibility for maintaining custody of an inmate for any period of time and performing tasks related to the operation of a detention center; and

(c) completing, within the time allowed by ARM 23.13.206, a detention officers' basic course as provided by the Montana Law Enforcement Academy or equivalent training in a training school meeting the minimum standards of the Board of Crime Control, as required by ARM 23.13.206, pursuant to 44-4-301, MCA.

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