(1) An amendment to Form B shall be filed within 15 days after the end of any month in which there is a material change to the information provided in the annual registration statement.

(2) Amendments must be filed in the Form B format with only those items which are being amended reported. Each amendment must include at the top of the cover page "Amendment No. (insert number) to Form B for (insert year)," and shall indicate the date of the change and not the date of the original filings.

History: 33-1-313, 33-2-1517, MCA; IMP, 33-2-1111, 33-2-1517, MCA; NEW, 1993 MAR p. 2408, Eff. 10/15/93; AMD, 2014 MAR p. 501, Eff. 3/14/14.