(1) If the board determines that an applicant or licensee possesses the qualifications for licensure required under Title 37, chapter 3, MCA, the board may instruct the department to issue licenses in the following categories:

(a) active license;

(b) inactive license; or

(c) limited temporary (resident).

(2) An active license is required for a physician actively practicing medicine in this state at any time during the renewal period.

(a) The term "actively practicing medicine" means the exercise of any activity or process identified in 37-3-102, MCA.

(3) An active license is required for a physician participating in the Montana health corps.

(4) An inactive license may be obtained by a physician who is not actively practicing medicine in this state, and does not intend to actively practice medicine in this state at any time during the current renewal period, but may wish to reactivate in the next renewal period.

(a) To renew a license on inactive status, a physician must pay a fee prescribed by the board, and complete the renewal prior to the date set by ARM 24.101.413.

(b) If both the renewal fee and completed renewal are not returned prior to the date specified in ARM 24.101.413, the physician must pay the late penalty fee specified in ARM 24.101.403 in order to renew the license.

(5) An inactive-retired license may be renewed by the renewal date set in ARM 24.101.413 through March 31, 2016, after which date the inactive-retired status no longer will be granted.

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