(1) Live-in caregiver services provide support to enable a person to live independently and participate in community activities to the fullest extent possible. The live-in caregiver assists with implementing the needed supports as identified in the plan of care which enable the person to retain or improve skills related to health, activities of daily living, money management, community resources, community safety, and other adaptive skills needed to live in the community.

(2) Live-in caregiver services cannot be provided in the caregiver's private residence or in a residence that is owned or leased by a Montana Medicaid provider.

(3) Live-in caregiver services must include an approved back-up plan in the event of service disruption.

(4) Terms and conditions of the service must be specified in a written live-in caregiver agreement between the legal entity, the live-in caregiver, and the person receiving the service and approved by the department.

(5) Parents or legal representatives may not be reimbursed for live-in caregiver services.

(6) Live-in caregiver services are reimbursed a daily room and board stipend.

(7) The annual cap for live-in caregiver services is $9,000.

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