(1) Remote monitoring equipment is the equipment used to operate systems such as live feed video, live audio feed, motion sensing system, radio frequency identification, web-based monitoring system, or other devices approved by the Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP). It also refers to the equipment used to engage in live two-way communication with the person being monitored.

(2) Remote monitoring equipment must include an indicator to the person being monitored that the equipment is on and operating. The indicator must be appropriate to meet the person's needs.

(3) Remote monitoring equipment must be designed to be turned off only by the person indicated in the plan of care.

(4) The provider of remote monitoring equipment must be responsible for the following:

(a) delivery of equipment to the person's residence and as needed to the room or area of the residence in which the equipment will be used;

(b) assembly and installation of the equipment, as appropriate for correct operation;

(c) adjustment and modification to the equipment, as needed;

(d) conduct monthly testing of the equipment to ensure proper operation;

(e) maintain and repair equipment, as necessary; and

(f) replace equipment at any time for any reason other than misuse or damage by the person receiving the service.

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