(1) Coworker support service allows the Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP) and developmental disabilities provider agencies to contract with a business to provide coworker job supports as a part of the natural workplace. This service differs from supported employment, follow along support in that it creates opportunity for services and supports to be provided by the employee of a local business where the person is employed. This service is intended to provide ongoing coworker support allowing follow along support to be decreased.

(2) The purpose of supported employment coworker support is to assist the person to:

(a) develop positive work-related habits, attitudes, and skills;

(b) acquire work etiquette directly related to their specific employment;

(c) gain knowledge of the health and safety aspects/requirements of their particular job;

(d) assist the person in becoming a part of the informal culture of the workplace;

(e) provide job skill maintenance or assistance with incorporating new tasks; and

(f) facilitate other supports at the work site.

(3) Coworker support may be provided in conjunction with other employment services.

(4) The employer is reimbursed a daily rate to offset the cost to the employer for providing the supports which may be needed to maintain the person in the job.

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