(1) Any exceptions to the specifications on the part of the bidder or offeror must be clearly identified and communicated to the procurement officer consistent with the instructions listed within the solicitation. Exceptions may be rejected.

(2) Each item on which a bidder or offeror submits a quotation must be new and unused and of the latest model or manufacture unless otherwise specified by the state. It shall be equal in quality and performance characteristics to that indicated in the invitation for bid or request for proposal.

(3) The price for each item must be stated and clearly listed in the bid. Only one unit price may be shown for each item unless a specific provision for an optional figure is provided. The price of each item must be extended to show the total price for the quantity requested. In case of error in extension, the unit price prevails.

(4) Alternate bids may be accepted if the bidder is the lowest responsive bidder on its primary bid and the bids are clearly marked "primary" or "alternate."

(5) Item-by-item unit price bids must be submitted and will receive primary consideration for award. All-or-none bids may be submitted as alternatives and will be considered if in the best interest of the state.

(6) Unless stated otherwise in the solicitation, payment will be due 30 calendar days from:

(a) the receipt of a properly executed claim; or

(b) upon satisfactory receipt of the merchandise or service, whichever is later.

(7) Vendors may quote a cash discount based on early payment. Such discounts may not be considered; however, in determination of low bid or contract award, payment terms will remain as stated in (6) unless the bid or proposal provided otherwise.

(8) Vendors shall guarantee their bid price for 30 calendar days after a bid opening or 120 calendar days after a proposal opening, pending award unless otherwise provided for in the solicitation.

(9) Unless otherwise specified in the solicitation, all bids and proposals must show the delivered price FOB destination to the agency, including all transportation and handling charges.

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