(1) Section 18-1-102, MCA, requires a state agency to apply a reciprocal preference to the bid of a nonresident bidder equal to the percent of the preference given to the bidder in the state or country in which the bidder is a resident.

(2) A reciprocal preference is applied only to an invitation for bids for supplies and printing, or an invitation for bids for nonconstruction services for public works as defined in 18-2-401, MCA, but only in the event that federal funds are not involved in the anticipated purchase. In addition, a reciprocal preference is only applied if it will benefit a Montana resident bidder as defined in 18-1-103, MCA.

(3) If it is determined that the lowest responsive and responsible bidder would receive a percent preference in its resident state, that percent is added to the bid of the nonresident bidder. If the nonresident bidder is still the lowest responsive and responsible bidder after the preference adjustment has been made, the contract price is the price bid, not the adjusted price.

(4) A resident bidder must complete a bidder affidavit to verify resident eligibility. This affidavit must be on file with the department before a bid award can be made.

(5) The business name and federal identification number on the Montana resident affidavit must match the business name and federal identification number on the submitted bid documents in order to be considered for the application of reciprocal preference.

(6) Reciprocal preferences do not apply to term contracts unless the term contract is applicable only to agencies that do not receive federal funding.

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