(1) Written and practical assignments will be scored. Student scores will be used in the following manner:

(a) the scores may be part of the final grade, and can be used to establish class ranking of the student;

(b) the scores achieved by a student will be documented in the student's file; and

(c) when applicable, a summary of the student's scores will be sent to the student's agency administrator.

(2) Performance evaluations will be conducted on a regular basis by the academy administrator or the academy administrator's designee. Performance evaluations will be summarized orally and in writing and based upon categories that objectively reflect students' participation in Montana Law Enforcement Academy courses. This may include but is not limited to the following areas:

(a) appearance;

(b) interpersonal skills; and

(c) effectiveness under stress.

(3) The evaluation will consist of various levels of performance including but not limited to:

(a) exceeds demands;

(b) meets demands;

(c) needs to improve; and

(d) not acceptable.

(4) Pass/fail requirements for student performance evaluations are:

(a) a total of three "needs to improve" evaluations in any one specific category or a total of any two "not acceptable" evaluations will result in a corrective action plan, or could result in immediate dismissal from the Law Enforcement Officer Basic Course by the academy administrator or the academy administrator's designee.

(5) A copy of the performance evaluation criteria and a written summary of a student's performance evaluation will be provided to the student and to the student's agency administrator.

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