(1) A professional person with full mental health certification is qualified to:

(a) approve applications for voluntary admissions to mental health facilities;

(b) participate as a mental health professional person in involuntary commitments and recommitments to mental health facilities;

(c) concur in the emergency detention of a person believed to be seriously mentally ill;

(d) order the discharge of a patient during, or at the end of, the initial commitment period;

(e) request a court-ordered release to alternative treatment;

(f) request a conditional release from a mental health facility;

(g) request the readmission of a conditionally released patient;

(h) review and initial, within 24 hours, summaries of extraordinary incidents involving patients;

(i) supervise approved training programs and clinical competency evaluations; and

(j) perform all the privileges specified in ARM 37.91.407.

(2) Mental health facilities may impose stricter standards than those in ARM 37.91.401 when defining staff privileges.

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