(1) A sponsoring organization may request reconsideration of the credit hours assigned to a course. Such requests must:

(a) be in writing;

(b) include any additional supporting documentation on which the request is based; and

(c) be submitted to the commissioner within 20 business days of notification to the sponsoring organization of assignment of credit hours to the course.

(2) The advisory council shall review a request for reconsideration, the original course submission, and any additional materials provided to support the request within 60 days of the request. The advisory council shall then make a recommendation to the commissioner to approve or disapprove.

(3) The commissioner shall review the recommendation of the advisory council and approve or disapprove the course.

(4) Credit hours assigned a course approved by the commissioner must be granted to licensees who complete the course after the submission date of the request for reconsideration of course disapproval.

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