(1) All fees for services are payable upon receipt of a billing statement. The department may assess a collection fee of 18% annual percentage rate, or assess a minimum fee of $25, whichever is greater, for any payment amount not received on or before the last regular business day of each month. The department may require past due payment of fees prior to providing inspection and certification services.

(2) Export certification fees shall be as follows:

(a) federal and state phytosanitary certificate:

(i) $105 for a noncommercial shipment, those shipments having a value that is less than $1,250; or

(ii) $180 for a commercial shipment having a value that is $1,250 or more;

(iii) $160 for a commercial produce shipment having a value that is $1,250 or more;

(iv) administrative and replacement user fees for each federal or state phytosanitary certification. Requests for export certification shall be made through a client-funded Phytosanitary Certification Information Tracking (PCIT) account; and

(v) certificate of Origin and Statement of Origin $150.

History: 80-1-102, 80-7-108, 80-7-122, MCA; IMP, 80-7-108, 80-7-122, MCA; NEW, 2014 MAR p. 1390, Eff. 6/27/14.