(1) The ARM is divided into titles by department. Every executive department with rules designated for inclusion in the ARM has an assigned title number, as listed below:


Title       Title Name



1         General Provisions (see ARM 1.2.101)

2         Administration, Department of

4         Agriculture, Department of

6         Auditor, State of Montana

8         Commerce, Department of

10        Education

          Superintendent of Public Instruction

          Board of Public Education

          State Library Commission

          Montana Arts Council

          Montana Historical Society

12        Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, Department of

14        Governor, State of Montana

17        Environmental Quality, Department of

18        Transportation, Department of

20        Corrections, Department of

23        Justice, Department of

24        Labor and Industry, Department of

30        Lieutenant Governor, State of Montana

32        Livestock, Department of

34        Military Affairs, Department of

36        Natural Resources and Conservation, Department of

37        Public Health and Human Services, Department of

38        Public Service Regulation, Department of

42        Revenue, Department of

44        Secretary of State, State of Montana


(2) Title numbers have been reserved for potential new titles.

(3) Some title numbers have been used for titles that are now obsolete.

(4) The secretary of state maintains a comprehensive topical index for all ARM titles in a separate volume.

History: AMD, Eff. 12/31/05.