(1) A commercial use permit application must be submitted to the regional office that oversees the site or sites where the use will occur. If use is proposed for sites located in more than one department administrative region, the application may be submitted to one of the regional offices and the department may issue a single permit to authorize the use.

(2) The completed application shall be submitted at least 45 days before the use is intended to begin unless authorized by the department.

(3) The department will process complete applications. The department may require additional time to process an application if the department determines that an environmental analysis is required.

(4) A fishing access site permit may be obtained at a department regional office or through the department's internet licensing system so long as the applicant provides the required application information and remits the required permit fee.

(5) The department requires the following when applying for a commercial use permit when applicable:

(a) a completed permit application form;

(b) an outfitter or guide license number if providing angling services;

(c) an automated license system number;

(d) permit fee;

(e) deposit or damage security bond;

(f) proof of insurance that the department judges sufficient to protect the public and the state of Montana from liability and property loss;

(g) proof of workers' compensation or an independent contractor exemption certificate;

(h) information explaining how the proposed use would benefit the public's resources or the public's enjoyment of the site; and

(i) other relevant information in sufficient detail to allow the department to evaluate the nature and impact of the proposed activity, including measures the applicant will use to prevent or mitigate adverse impacts.

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