(1) To qualify for reimbursement under 50-50-305, MCA, a local board of health will perform inspections as specified in this subchapter or enter into a written, signed cooperative agreement with the department that establishes the duties and responsibilities of the local board of health and the department consistent with this subchapter.

(3) All local boards of health must meet the following criteria:

(a) At least one sanitarian working with or for the local board of health must receive training from the department in standardized food inspections. The department is responsible for making training and standardization available on a periodic basis.

(b) Reporting of inspection dates must be documented in a manner and frequency approved by the department.

(c) All documentation of enforcement of this subchapter including inspection reports, consumer complaints, illness investigations, plans of correction, and enforcement actions is retained for five years and copies of the documentation are submitted or otherwise made available to the department upon request.

(4) A failure by the local board of health to meet all of its responsibilities under (3)(a), (b), and (c) may result in the withholding of funds from the local board reimbursement fund in an amount to be determined by the department.

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