(1) Either immediately following the hearing, or within 30 days of the conclusion of the hearing regarding an educator/specialist license, the Board of Public Education shall, as applicable:

(a) uphold the decision of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to deny an application for licensure;

(b) dismiss the matter;

(c) issue a letter of reprimand;

(d) enter into a stipulated agreement; or

(e) suspend or revoke the license for a specific period of time, up to and including permanent revocation of the license.

(2) Consistent with a decision to suspend or revoke a license, the board shall issue findings of fact, conclusions of law, and an order signed by the board chair or designee.

(3) The board shall record its decision in its minutes and shall provide its decision, including the letter of reprimand, or a copy of the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and order by certified mail to the licensee and to any other involved party within ten days of its decision.

(4) The date of the letter of reprimand, decision to uphold a denial of licensure by the superintendent, or final written decision and order of the board determines the date from which an appeal may be filed pursuant to 2-4-702, MCA.

(5) Pursuant to 2-4-623, MCA, decisions of the Board of Public Education shall be available for public inspection. Confidential information such as names of any minors, the applicant’s or licensee’s address, telephone number, or medical records may be redacted from the posted final decision.

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