42.12.324    SPECIAL PERMITS

(1) A special permit application must be completed and approved by the department when requesting the ability to sell beer and wine to patrons attending a special event. The holder of a special permit must abide by all applicable laws governing the retail sale of beer and wine for on-premises consumption.

(2) The length of time for which a special permit can be issued is determined by the fact that there is an outcome, conclusion or result. For example, the winner of a baseball tournament or the end of a concert.

(3) An applicant for a special permit cannot have an ownership interest in a manufacturer, importer, bottler or distributor of alcoholic beverages or ownership in an agency liquor store.

(4) Any on-premises consumption retail licensee entitled to a catering endorsement will not be issued a special permit, except for veteran and fraternal licensees as provided for in 16-4-301, MCA.

(5) Only one permit is required for multiple locations where beer and wine are sold within the enclosure where the event is held. All locations must be described on the permit application. A copy of the permit must be posted at each location.

(6) A special permit cannot be issued to a location where another permit or license is issued.

(7) Private parties where no money or other consideration is exchanged such as weddings or office parties are not required to obtain a special permit.

(8) A special permit is subject to the provisions of 16-3-306, MCA, unless the entities in 16-3-306, MCA, provide the department with advanced written approval.

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