(1) Any alteration to licensed premises, other than a cosmetic change, must be preapproved by the department.

(2) Prior to making alterations, a licensee must submit a request to alter the premises and copies of the current and proposed floor plans.

(3) Upon receipt of the items in (2), the department will advise the licensee within seven working days of approval or denial of the alteration request.

(4) The department's approval of an alteration shall be valid for one year. Any alterations that are not completed within one year must be resubmitted to the department for approval.

(5) In the event the alteration prevents the licensee from continuing operations, the licensee shall request nonuse status pursuant to ARM 42.13.107.

(6) Upon completion of the alterations, the licensee is responsible for ensuring the department receives notification of building, health, and fire code approval for the premises.

(7) Upon receipt of the building, health, and fire code approvals, the department will arrange for an inspection of the premises by the Department of Justice.

(8) The department will review the Department of Justice's findings and, upon determining no issues are present, the department shall notify the licensee that the alteration is approved and any new addition is now part of the licensed premises. Prior to receiving this written approval, a licensee shall not operate in any area that has not been previously approved.

(9) Any alteration to licensed premises, other than a cosmetic change, without prior approval shall constitute a violation and may subject the licensee to administrative action.

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