(1) A clinical resource registered nurse (CRRN) is an RN with an unencumbered Montana nursing license who provides supervision, demonstration, and collaborative evaluation of student performance in a clinical or laboratory setting.

(2) CRRNs may be used to enhance, but not replace, faculty-directed clinical learning experiences. The supervising faculty member is responsible for all students in the clinical setting, including those supervised by the CRRNs. The maximum number of nursing students a CRRN may supervise at any one time is ten.

(3) The CRRN is solely responsible for students and must have no concurrent clinical responsibilities.

(4) When using CRRNs, faculty members remain responsible for:

(a) assuring that assigned duties are appropriate to the CRRN scope of responsibilities;

(b) ensuring safe, accessible, and appropriate supervision based on client health status, care setting, course objectives, and student level of preparation;

(c) the lecture, clinical, and laboratory portions of a course, including actively teaching in the course for which the clinical experience is assigned; and

(d) performing the summative clinical evaluation based on individual course objectives and student clinical performance.

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