(1) The status of inactive allows the licensee to maintain a license with the board; however, the licensee may not practice for more than ten days in any one calendar year as a substitute instructor with an inactive status. The board may request documentation if necessary.

(2) A licensee may place their instructor license on inactive status by submitting a request in writing or electronically to the department.

(3) A licensee with an inactive status must abide by all the statutes and rules pertaining to the license, including updating licensee information such as contact information and disciplinary actions.

(4) Inactive licensees are not subject to CE requirements while on inactive status.

(5) In order to avoid lapse, expiration, or termination of the instructor license, an inactive licensee must renew the inactive license each renewal period and pay the appropriate fee.

(6) To reactivate an inactive instructor license, the licensee must complete a reactivation request form, submit the fee, and provide proof of 30 hours of completed CE of which eight hours must be in teaching methodology, within the last 12 months prior to activating their instructor license.

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