(1) The department, in its sole discretion, may approve an application for an individual to be a state trainer.

(2) To apply to be a state trainer, an applicant must:

(a) possess a minimum of one year combined experience in:

(i) law enforcement;

(ii) communications;

(iii) public relations;

(iv) healthcare; or

(v) education;

(b) serve on a drug- or alcohol-related coalition;

(c) have endured an alcohol-related life-changing experience; or

(d) possess experience equivalent to the criteria above, as approved by the department.

(3) In addition to the requirements in (2), an applicant must:

(a) possess a minimum of one year experience in public speaking;

(b) be a high school graduate or possess the GED equivalent;

(c) be at least 21 years of age; and

(d) have no alcohol-related convictions within the past five years.

(4) Upon the department's approval of an application, the applicant must attend the department's training and pass the exam with a minimum score of 90 percent to be certified as a state trainer.

(5) A state trainer shall retain certification unless it is revoked or suspended by the department or withdrawn by the trainer. The department may revoke or suspend certification upon determining that the trainer is unsuitable.

History: 16-4-1009, MCA; IMP, 16-4-1006, MCA; NEW, 2015 MAR p. 1205, Eff. 8/14/15.