(1) "Candidate" is defined in 13-1-101, MCA.

(2) A candidate, whether or not the office for which the individual will seek nomination or election is known, shall file certification with the commissioner pursuant to 13-37-201, MCA, within five business days of becoming a candidate as defined by 13-1-101, MCA.

(3) A statement of candidacy shall include:

(a) the complete name, office sought, and party affiliation (if applicable) of the candidate; and

(b) the complete name and address of the candidate's campaign treasurer and campaign depository, and the complete name and address of his or her deputy campaign treasurer and secondary campaign depository, if any.

History: 13-37-114, MCA; IMP, 13-1-101, 13-37-201,13-37-202, 13-37-205, MCA; NEW, 2016 MAR p. 28, Eff. 1/9/16.