(1) Manufacturers shall file an annual audit with the department.

(2) The audit shall be based on the calendar year and shall be filed by October 20th following the year for which the audit applies.

(3) Manufacturers shall include in the annual audit, the following information:

(a) all information otherwise required by statute or rule;

(b) the names, addresses and phone numbers of all Montana residents who have notified the manufacturer that a new vehicle does not conform to all applicable warranties, including:

(i) the date such notification was made;

(ii) the identity by year, make and model of the vehicle to which the nonconformity was asserted;

(iii) the nature of the nonconformity asserted; and

(iv) the date and nature of the final action taken by the manufacturer.

(c) a summary of the yearly activities of the manufacturer pertaining to its informal dispute resolution, including:

(i) the number of notices of nonconformity received;

(ii) the number of notices denied; and

(iii) the number of refunds, replacements and other corrective actions taken.

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