(1) As required in ARM 37.106.1908, a forensic mental health facility (FMHF) must maintain a policy and procedure manual. The policy and procedure manual must be reviewed and updated as necessary, but at a minimum annually.

(2) In addition to the other requirements of ARM 37.106.1908, the manual must include policies and procedures for:

(a) security;

(b) involuntary administration of medication;

(c) client discharge and transfer procedure;

(d) client rights and grievances;

(e) client admission criteria;

(f) restraint and seclusion;

(g) establishing fiscal policies governing the management of organizational and individual funds;

(h) establishing and maintaining staffing requirements;

(i) informing clients of policies pertaining to the FMHF;

(j) food services; and

(k) the detection, reporting, and investigation of abuse and neglect.

(3) The policy and procedure manual must include a current organizational chart delineating the current lines of authority, responsibility, and accountability for the administration and provision of all FMHF client treatment programs and services.

History: 50-5-103, MCA; IMP, 50-5-103, 50-5-204, MCA; NEW, 2016 MAR p. 144, Eff. 1/23/16.