(1) A distillery delivering product to an agency liquor store pursuant to 16-4-311, MCA, shall report each delivery through the department's online reporting system within two business days of the delivery.

(2) The distillery shall maintain at its place of business a bill of lading signed by the individual at the agency liquor store who accepted the delivery. A duplicate copy of the bill of lading shall be given to the agency liquor store. The bill of lading shall contain the:

(a) date of delivery;

(b) agency liquor store number;

(c) number of cases of each product;

(d) product number;

(e) name of the distillery employee who made the delivery; and

(f) name of the agency liquor store employee who accepted the delivery.

(3) A distillery may only make deliveries of products for which a standard price quotation and specification form is on file with the department.

(4) A distillery may deliver product only upon an agency liquor store's request.

(5) The department shall pay the distillery within 15 days from the close of the month in which the distillery reports the delivery. The payment shall be:

(a) the cost per case, based on the product's standard price quotation and specification form on file with the department at the time the product is delivered; and

(b) beginning July 1, 2018, the department's freight rate per case at the time the product is delivered.

History: 16-1-303, MCA; IMP, 16-4-311, MCA; NEW, 2015 MAR p. 2157, Eff. 1/1/16.