(1) For purposes of (2) and (3), differential pay is pay by an employer to a member who leaves HPORS-covered employment to serve in the uniformed services, and the pay is for all or some of the difference between the member's normal salary and military pay.

(2) During the DROP period, employer contributions under 19-6-404, MCA, for all differential pay must continue to be made to the retirement system.

(3) Member contributions under 19-6-402, MCA, for differential pay must be made to the member's DROP account.

(4) The remainder of the participant's monthly DROP accrual will be subject to ARM 2.43.4023.

History: 19-2-403, 19-6-1003, MCA; IMP, 19-6-1005, MCA; NEW, 2015 MAR p. 2244, Eff. 12/25/15.