(1) Except as provided in (2), federal Form 3468, the form used in claiming the federal rehabilitation credit, must be attached to the applicable Montana tax returns. S corporations and entities taxable as partnerships must attach the form to their information returns and the owners of the pass-through entities must also attach a copy to their individual income or corporate income tax returns.

(2) A taxpayer who made a valid election to transfer the federal rehabilitation credit to a lessee must attach a copy of the election statement required by U.S. Treasury regulation 26 C.F.R. 1.48-4(f) and (g), and the lessee's Form 3468 that identifies the taxpayer as the transferor. If the credit calculation for certified historic structures on the lessee's Form 3468 contains qualified rehabilitation expenditures other than those incurred by the taxpayer, the taxpayer must provide a schedule breaking out the taxpayer's own expenditures and a pro forma federal credit calculation.

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