(1) DLI delivers HELP Act services and assistance to participants through its Job Service offices.

(a) The types of services and assistance available to participants generally fall in to one of the following four categories:

(i) job search services;

(ii) workforce information services;

(iii) career guidance services; and

(iv) intensive services.

(b) Participants may also be eligible for referral to WIOA partners, qualified training providers, and any other suitable program or service provider.

(2) A participant's initial reportable service must consist of an assessment, performed by a Job Service employee. An assessment is a formal evaluation of the participant's:

(a) occupational talents, skills, and potential for increasing economic self-sufficiency; and

(b) probable barriers to employment.

(3) After having obtained an assessment, in order to remain an active participant, the individual must access a reportable service, as defined in ARM 24.13.109, at least once every 90 days.

(4) An active participant enrolled in an approved educational or training program is considered to remain active as long as the individual continues to remain enrolled and actively participating in the educational or training program.

(5) DLI shall promptly report to DPHHS whenever:

(a) a participant becomes an active participant; or

(b) an active participant loses that status due to that individual's failure to obtain any reportable service for more than 90 days.

(6) An individual who has lost the status of being an active participant may regain the active participant status by obtaining an assessment as provided in (2).

History: 39-12-107, 53-6-1318, MCA; IMP, 39-12-101, 39-12-103, MCA; NEW, 2016 MAR p. 1165, Eff. 4/23/16.