(1) Mobile homes and recreational vehicles are designed only to meet building code requirements applicable to mobile homes used as residences and recreational vehicles used as temporary residences.

(2) These units do not meet code requirements for commercial or business occupancy and are therefore prohibited for these types of uses. Except as provided in (4), manufactured (mobile) homes and recreational vehicles shall not be utilized for any occupancy other than as a single family dwelling, whether for transient stay or longer periods. "Transient stay" means a guest staying at one location for 30 days or less.

(3) Units used in one location for not more than 14 days in conjunction with a circus, fair, or other similar use would not fall into this category.

(4) Units used as temporary offices by manufactured (mobile) home dealers, on the premises (lot) where said units are sold, would not fall into this category provided the unit utilized as an office:

(a) is not used for a period exceeding five years;

(b) is offered for sale;

(c) is not used to store flammable materials;

(d) is not altered to accommodate office space;

(e) meets the exiting sign requirements imposed by the International Building Code; and

(f) is provided with a handicap accessible entrance pursuant to the requirements imposed by the International Building Code.

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