8.22.2909    PONY PERSONS

(1) Each pony person and outrider shall obtain a license from the board and no person shall be allowed to pony horses or lead horses in a post parade without first obtaining a pony person's or outrider's license. A trainer may pony horses trained by the trainer without a pony person license.

(2) No pony person or outrider shall pony or parade any horse on the track without wearing a protective helmet and boots with heels.

(3) The stewards may require prior permission to lead a horse in a post parade.

(4) At no time shall pony horses be permitted to enter the paddock nor shall outriders or pony persons be allowed to pick up horses in front of the unsaddling area after a race has been run.

(5) Before approving an application for a pony person's or outrider's license, the stewards shall concur the applicant has the ability to safely and correctly perform the duties of a pony person or outrider.

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