8.22.3007    POST TO FINISH

(1) No horse shall be whipped the first 30 yards away from the gate.

(2) When clear, a horse may be taken to any part of the course, however, crossing or weaving in front of contenders may constitute interference or intimidation for which the offender may be disqualified and the jockey disciplined.

(3) A horse crossing another so as actually to impede him is disqualified, unless the impeded horse was partly in fault, or the crossing was wholly caused by the fault of some other horse or jockey.

(4) If a horse or jockey jostle another horse, the aggressor may be disqualified, unless the jostled horse or his jockey was partly at fault or the jostle was wholly caused by the fault of another horse or jockey.

(5) If a jockey willfully strikes another horse or jockey or uses his whip in a manner to impede another horse or rides carelessly so as to injure another horse or jockey, when the other horse or jockey is no way at fault, or so as to cause other horses to do so, his horse may be disqualified and the jockey disciplined.   A jockey shall not strike the horse he is riding in the head or shall he otherwise abuse the horse he is riding.

(6) When a horse is disqualified under this rule any other horse or horses in the same race coupled as an entry may be disqualified.

(7) Complaints under this rule can only be received from the owner, trainer or jockey of the horse alleged to be aggrieved, and must be made to the clerk of the scales or to the stewards before or immediately after his jockey has passed the scales.   But nothing in this rule shall prevent the stewards from taking cognizance of any foul.

(8) Any jockey against whom a foul is claimed shall be given the opportunity to give an explanation to the stewards before any decision is made by them.

(9) A jockey whose horse has been disqualified or who unnecessarily causes his horse to shorten his stride with a view to complaint, or an owner, trainer or jockey who complains frivolously that his horse was crossed or jostled may be disciplined.

(10) All horses are expected to give their best efforts in races in which they run, any instructions or advice to jockeys to ride or handle their mounts otherwise than for the purpose of winning are forbidden and will subject all persons giving or following such instructions or advice to disciplinary action by the stewards and the board.

(11) If a horse, during the running of a race, becomes crippled or otherwise unable to finish (broken bone, profuse bleeding or any other disabling condition) , he shall be dismounted, unsaddled and removed from the track without passing the stand.   Jockey in this case will not be required to weigh in.

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