(1) The parimutuel manager is responsible for the accuracy of all pay-off prices. 

(2) If for any reason a change is made in any figure on the calculator's sheet or any sub-sheet thereof, in the recording of the wagering, such change must be approved by the parimutuel manager after consultation with the tote manager.

(3) A copy of each completed pool calculation sheet and other supporting documents shall be turned over to the parimutuel manager upon completion of each race.

(4) At the end of each race day, the parimutuel manager shall prepare or have prepared a parimutuel recapitulation form. The recapitulation form shall be provided by the Montana board of horse racing.

(5) The parimutuel manager shall balance the parimutuel recapitulation against the cash room report for each race day and file a report explaining any discrepancy.

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