(1) The quinella is not a parlay, and all tickets on the quinella will be calculated in an entirely separate pool.

(2) The principle of quinella is in effect a contract by the purchaser of a quinella ticket to pick (select) the winning and the second horses in the quinella race.

(3) If a horse in the quinella race is scratched or excused by the stewards before off-time, all money wagered on any horse or horses so scratched or excused shall be deducted from the quinella pool and be refunded to the purchasers of tickets on the horse or horses so scratched or excused.

(4) Should any horse in the quinella race be prevented from racing because of the failure of the stall doors of the starting gate to open, all tickets combining that horse with either of the first two finishers shall be refunded.

(5) After off-time there shall be no refund in either of the above cases.

(6) If for any reason the quinella race is cancelled or declared "no race" full and complete refund shall be made of the quinella pool.

(7) Except for the contingencies stated below the quinella is calculated in the same general manner as the straight pool.

(8) If no ticket is sold combining the winning and second horse of the quinella, the net pool shall then be apportioned between those having tickets including the winner and those having tickets including the second horse, and shall be calculated and distributed as place pool.

(9) In the event of a dead heat for the win, the net quinella pool shall be apportioned between those having tickets on the two horses finishing in the dead heat for the win.

(10) If two horses finish the race in a dead heat for second, the quinella pool will be figured in the same manner as a place pool with holders of tickets on the winner and each second place horse participating equally in the quinella pool.

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