(1) The stock contractor(s) must provide the rodeo secretary a list of names of all horses which will be utilized for the match bronc event at least 72 hours prior to the event.

(2) The stock contractor(s) must designate the horses to be utilized for the short-go. Such list shall not include any re-ride animals. These horses may not be utilized for the long-go rounds.

(3) Four hours prior to the event the judges, witnessed by the stewards, shall match horses and riders through use of a random draw. Wagering numbers will be consistent with numbers assigned to horses printed in the program and specified as long-go horses per section. Stock draws must be conducted so that an entrant may witness the draw, provided that a judge may require any individual who does not maintain a businesslike behavior to leave the draw area.

(4) A contestant must compete on the stock drawn for the contestant. If an animal is deemed unfit to compete, the entry is a scratch for parimutuel purposes.

(5) The short-go championship round shall be drawn, in its entirety, just prior to the start of the championship short-go round. Each qualified finalist shall draw the name of a mount from the reserved horse short-go list, in the arena, as supervised by the judges and steward, and the resulting match announced to the audience.

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