(1) The department shall hire a fantasy sports coordinator recommended to the department by the board to:

(a) regulate, audit, and approve network operating plans;

(b) approve league rules;

(c) receive point totals from network;

(d) designate point totals as "official";

(e) annually select the information service to be used by the network from those services providing statistics from the individual sports sanctioning bodies; and (f) control and supervise overall conduct and operation of parimutuel fantasy sports wagering.

(2) Failure of the coordinator to enforce the fantasy sports parimutuel wagering rules or to meet the responsibility of the office shall be just cause for dismissal of the coordinator.

(3) The fantasy sports coordinator shall supervise the conduct of parimutuel wagering on fantasy sports, including supervision of the licensed parimutuel network, the licensed network director, the parimutuel hub, and all licensed parimutuel facilities. The coordinator shall have full authority to enforce the rules as adopted by the board or as provided by the laws of Montana and such additional duties as set forth in the rules or as ordered by the board.

(4) The coordinator shall not separately impose fines or any other license disciplinary measure, but shall report all statute or rule violations to the board for imposition of license discipline, when appropriate, under the provisions of the Montana Administrative Procedure Act.

(5) The coordinator shall perform other duties as directed by the board.

History: 23-4-104, 23-4-202, MCA; IMP, 23-4-201, MCA; NEW, 2008 MAR p. 1806, Eff. 8/29/08; TRANS, from 32.28.2207, 2015 MAR p. 2252, Eff. 12/25/15.