(1) If an error is made in posting the payoff figures to the public, the error shall be corrected promptly and only the correct amounts shall be used in the payoff, irrespective of the error posted to the public, but no change shall be made in the payoff after the cashing of winning tickets has commenced. If an error is discovered before the payoff is started, the correct payoff shall be posted.

(2) Illegible or mutilated tickets shall not be sold; further they shall be voided with ink or mutilation and accounted for by the parimutuel facility and parimutuel network in calculation of the gross pool, but not to be included as winning tickets. 

(3) Illegible or mutilated tickets issued by a ticket issuing machine shall not be sold. These tickets are to be voided by ink or mutilation and are to be attached to the calculation sheet for their respective pool and sporting event.

(4) The parimutuel facility shall be responsible for all parimutuel employee's errors. Any customer complaint concerning a parimutuel employee's error shall be immediately called to the attention of the parimutuel network director, and the parimutuel network director's decision shall be final.

(5) A validly issued parimutuel ticket timely surrendered to the parimutuel facility by the legal holder shall be the only evidence of a person's participation in parimutuel wagering. The acceptance of a parimutuel ticket by taking an issued ticket away from the window or terminal from which it is purchased shall constitute an acknowledgment by the purchaser of the correctness of the ticket, and each purchaser of a parimutuel ticket agrees to be bound by the terms and provisions of this and all other applicable board rules and regulations, and by the laws of the state of Montana pertaining to parimutuel wagering. Neither the parimutuel hub, parimutuel network, parimutuel facility, the board, nor the state of Montana shall be liable to any person for any ticket which is not a winning ticket in accordance with the provisions of these rules nor shall they, or any of them, be liable to any person for any parimutuel ticket not delivered for any reason, including but not limited to mechanical malfunction, electrical failure, machine locking, or other causes.

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