(1) The EEO officer, ADA coordinator, or another representative chosen by management shall begin an investigation upon receiving a complaint.

(2) Before the investigation begins, the appropriate manager shall separately explain the following to the complainant and accused:

(a) the investigation process and anticipated timelines; and

(b) what retaliation is and that it is illegal.

(3) Agency managers shall provide:

(a) periodic updates to the complainant and the accused; and

(b) documentation of their initial meeting and all subsequent follow-up action to the investigator.

(4) The investigator shall:

(a) gather evidence to determine a "cause" or "no-cause" finding;

(b) coordinate with the agency's legal counsel before conducting interviews and throughout the investigation; and

(c) provide periodic updates to the agency's human resource manager.

History: 2-18-102, MCA; IMP, 2-18-102, MCA; NEW, 2011 MAR p. 1672, Eff. 8/26/11; AMD, 2016 MAR p. 1838, Eff. 10/15/16.