18.8.512    HEIGHT

(1) A permittee is prohibited from traveling under a bridge, underpass, or other overhead obstruction that does not exceed the height of the load or vehicle.

(2) The permittee will be responsible for checking the route or routes to be traveled to determine clearance of bridges, underpasses, or other obstructions.

(3) The permittee shall be responsible for obtaining overheight clearances, including payment of all expenses incidental to removal of anything obstructing clearances.

(4) Loads with a height of 15 feet 6 inches or less may be issued either a term or single trip permit.

(5) Loads with a height in excess of 15 feet 6 inches may be issued single trip special permits.

(6) In the event of a hay shortage or emergency drought declaration issued by the state or other governmental authority, the department may issue a single trip special permit for a baled or loose hay load with a height up to 16 feet. The hay load single trip special permit will be issued only for a route identified by the permittee and approved by the department.

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