(1) Pursuant to 81-23-202, MCA, the following assessment is levied: a fee of $0.14 per hundredweight per month, with a minimum of $50.00 per month, whichever is greater, or a maximum of $1,050.00 per month, on the volume of all classes of milk produced and sold by a person licensed by the Milk and Egg Bureau of the department, to be used for the administration of the milk inspection and milk diagnostic laboratory functions of the department. For a person licensed both as a dairy and as another licensee, only one assessment will be levied, whichever assessment is higher.

(2) The fee assessed in (1) must be paid before the 25th day of each month for milk sold in the preceding month.

(3) The fee assessed in (1) must be paid to the department in accordance with ARM 32.23.102(1). 

History: 81-1-102, 81-23-202, MCA; IMP, 81-1-102, 81-23-202, MCA; NEW, 2015 MAR p. 1908, Eff. 10/30/15; AMD, 2016 MAR p. 1260, Eff. 7/23/16.