(1) Organization of the Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP).

(a) History. The position of the Commissioner of Political Practices (commissioner) was created by the Legislature in 1975.

(b) Administrative Attachment The Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices is attached to the Office of the Secretary of State for the administrative purposes set forth in 2-15-121 and 2-15-411, MCA.

(c) Commissioner. The commissioner is appointed for a term of six years and may be removed pursuant to 13-37-102 and 13-37-105, MCA.

(2) Functions of the commissioner:

(a) The commissioner is to establish clear and consistent requirements for the full disclosure and reporting of the sources and disposition of funds used in Montana elections regarding candidates, political committees, or issues, and in conjunction with the county attorneys, to enforce the election and campaign finance laws as specified in Title 13, chapters 35 and 37, MCA. The powers and duties of the commissioner are provided in Title 13, chapter 37, part 1, MCA.

(b) The commissioner also has enforcement responsibilities related to the Code of Ethics for government officers and employees in Title 2, chapter 2, part 1, MCA.

(c) In addition the commissioner administers and enforces the provisions of the Montana Lobbyist Disclosure Act, Title 5, chapter 7, MCA.

(3) Personnel Roster. Commissioner of Political Practices, P.O. Box 202401, Helena, Montana 59620-2401, http://www.politicalpractices.mt.gov/default.mcpx.

(4) All forms referenced in these rules are available for download on the COPP's web site. 

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