44.11.701    DEFINITIONS

For the purposes of Title 13, chapter 37, part 4, MCA, 13-37-240, MCA, and this subchapter:

(1) "Compensation" includes all direct or indirect payments of salaries, fees, wages, and benefits to an individual or a person to provide constituent services. The term includes all payments made to an individual or a person to provide constituent services on behalf of an eligible elected official, including but not limited to, payments for overtime, compensatory time, retirement, health insurance, membership fees for social, civic, and professional organizations, life insurance, professional liability insurance, unemployment or worker's compensation insurance, personal use of a vehicle, rental car payments, disability insurance, travel, meal, and lodging reimbursement, and other benefits.

(2) "Constituent" means an individual who resides in, is employed in, provides goods or services in, attends school in, or has an ownership interest in property or a business in the district or geographic area represented by an eligible elected official.

(3) "Constituent services" has the meaning generally defined in 13-37-401, MCA, and more specifically defined in ARM 44.11.707.

(4) "Constituent services account" means an account established under Title 13, chapter 37, part 4, MCA, 13-37-240, MCA, and the rules in this chapter.

(5) "Eligible elected official" means an individual elected or appointed to a statewide office, the Public Service Commission, or the Legislature.

(6) "In-kind donation" means the furnishing of services, property, equipment, supplies, rights, or anything of value without charge or at a charge which is less than fair market value to an eligible elected official for the purpose of providing constituent services.

(7) "Leaves public office" means that an eligible elected official ceases to occupy the public office for which a constituent services account has been established. The term does not include an eligible elected official who is re-elected to the same public office.

(8) "Pre-existing account" means an account related to a public official's office that existed before May 14, 2007 (the effective date of 13-37-401 and 13-37-402, MCA). 

History: 13-37-114, MCA; IMP, 13-37-401, 13-37-402, MCA; NEW, 2008 MAR p. 2009, Eff. 9/12/08; TRANS and AMD, from 44.10.536, 2016 MAR p. 28, Eff. 1/9/16.