(1) On the date fixed by the commission for oral argument, a quorum of the commission shall consider objections to dismissals by the Human Rights Bureau and appeals of hearing officer decisions.

(2) Upon motion of the commission, any member of the commission who is absent at the presentation of oral argument may participate in deliberations and the entry of a final decision or order of the commission if he or she, where required, reviews the complete record of the contested case, including a recording or transcript of the oral argument of the parties.

(3) At the time of oral argument, and subject to the rule of the commission chair, any member of the commission may pose questions to a party or his or her representatives.

(4) Following hearing, the chair of the commission, or any member acting in the chair's stead, shall issue the final order of the commission. At that member's discretion, the final order may be referred to the immediately subsequent hearing of the commission. At that time, the commission's review is limited to whether the proposed order complies with the motions made by the commission previously.


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