(1) To obtain a Class 5 provisional license with a secondary principal endorsement, an applicant must provide verification of:

(a) a master's degree from an accredited professional educator preparation program;

(b) eligibility for a Class 1, 2, or 5 teaching license at the secondary level or a current standard, unrestricted out-of-state license and five years of successful administrative experience as a licensed administrator as defined in ARM 10.57.102, documented by a recommendation from a state accredited P-12 school employer on a form prescribed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction; and

(c) a minimum of three years of experience as an appropriately licensed and assigned teacher at the secondary level.

(2) Applicants required to complete coursework other than Montana school law, including special education law are not eligible for a Class 5 provisional license, but may enroll in an internship program pursuant to ARM 10.55.607.


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