(1) To obtain a Class 5 provisional license with a K-12 principal endorsement, an applicant must provide verification of:

(a) a master's degree from an accredited professional educator preparation program;

(b) eligibility for a Class 1, 2, or 5 teaching license at any level within K-12 or current standard, unrestricted out-of-state licensure and five years of successful supervisory experience as a licensed administrator as documented by a recommendation from a state accredited P-12 school employer on a form prescribed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction; and

(c) a minimum of three years of experience as an appropriately licensed and assigned teacher at any level within K-12.

(2) Applicants required to complete coursework other than Montana school law, including special education law are not eligible for a Class 5 provisional license, but may enroll in an internship program pursuant to ARM 10.55.607.


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