(1) Card game tournaments which involve consideration to play and the chance of winning something of value are gambling activities. Publicly played card game tournaments involving gambling activity are limited to the authorized card games provided for in 23-5-311, MCA.

(2) Except where there is a conflict with state law, department rule, or the applicable authority references, all poker tournaments shall comply with the most recent version of the Poker Tournament Directors Association Rules. The Poker Tournament Directors Association Rules may be obtained from the Gambling Control Division web site www.doj.mt.gov/gaming.

(3) A copy of the tournament rules must be provided to tournament participants and posted as provided for in 23-5-317, MCA.

(4) Every card game tournament involving poker or panguingue must be conducted by a licensed dealer as required in 23-5-309, MCA.

(5) In every tournament, a designated person, who may be one of the licensed dealers, must be present on the premises at all times during the tournament to oversee the conduct of the games and settle disputes.

(6) All winners must be determined at the conclusion of the tournament based upon points or chips accumulated throughout the course of the tournament. Prizes may only be awarded at the conclusion of the tournament. Any determination of a winner or award of a prize concludes a tournament.

(7) No card game tournament may be conducted as any part of a casino night.

(8) Card game tournaments may not be conducted between the hours of 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. on any day unless the hours for operating a live card game table have been extended by a city or county ordinance.

(9) Card game tournaments must comply with the requirements of Title 23, chapter 5, MCA, and the rules of the department.


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